Minecraft Cake

Have you ever heard of the computer game called Minecraft?  I don’t know much about it but a few weeks ago a woman came into the cake shop and asked us to make a cake that looks like this Minecraft logo…

My thought was, “No way lady.”  But I asked my boss and she said, “Of course we can.” I thought, “Wow my boss is so creative!  She must have some cool technique to make this cake.  It will be exciting to see what she does.”  But last week she came up to me and said, “Well, we have to figure out how to do this Minecraft cake…why don’t you think about it and see what you can figure out….”  WHAT???!!!

So I looked around online and found a pattern that I printed off and folded into a cube for a model.

I decided to use fondant pieces to make a mosaic looking cake.

I cut out ~1300 0.5″ squares of fondant in various colors and then stuck them to the cake, which was an 8″ cube.   Here’s the finished cake with my little model on top.

It was a very monotonous process since it had four sides but it turned out great.

Side close up.

I also put the “Minecraft Pickaxe” design on top.  I’m still not sure what all of this Minecraft stuff is all about but the woman who ordered the cake had a huge grin on her face when she picked it up.

(Check out other cool cakes at cakeperiod.com.)

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8 thoughts on “Minecraft Cake

  1. OH my god can I order one???? How much? I’m west of Boston but my son wants a Minecraft Cake…I’m creative but not that talented! LOL. His birthday party is in 3 weeks.

  2. my son birthday is in oct and he love minecraft. so I plan to make him a minecraft cake. your cake is very nice. could you please give me some advise for it ? do you have to let the fondants cube abit dry out first before you put it on the cake? and how long doest it take you to completed this cake?

    hope to hear back from you soon, thanks.

    • The cake took me about 10h to make. I cut all of the squares out on day one and then “glued” them onto my cake with buttercream on day two. My recommendation would be to be VERY precise. I actually had a small model of the minecraft cube that I got from the internet. I counted the number of squares for each color and made sure may cake was as perfect of a square as possible. Also try to be as precise as possible cutting out your squares. You might want to use larger/fewer squares so it won’t take so much time…but I would still try to be very precise.

  3. Love the cake I am making something similar for my nephew, since you made the squares before hand how did you store them in between making them and putting them on the cake? I wasn’t sure if I was gonna be able to pull this off until I saw this so thank you now I know my idea will work!!

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